As a result of this medical treatment, Emaho has decided to rest from the tour until the July 2019 Munchenstein Summer Workshop to recover fully

Last update: October 10th 2018

From Emahó

Dear All

I would like to update information on my health and progress from the last post in May.

I'm making good progress and recovering from the large meningioma which was removed in May in Switzerland.

I’m at home in Santa Fe and beginning to feel better after an initially quite difficult period.  The most important thing to say is that I am now experiencing better health and a feeling that everything is improving and moving forward.

There is much work being done to restart and continue the tour and information on this will be available soon.

A new website which gives access to the audio teachings and tour information will be launched at the end of October. Please check back here for a launch date.

Anna and I thank you for your patience.

Kindest wishes

Emaho and Anna (10th october 2018)





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